AR glitch - spontaneous combustion

I'll keep this short.


I've witnessed it with myself, a random freshie, and my cousin.


Personal experience

My experience on this is losing good stats, and just losing 100% of all my health in an instant. My internet was notably slow at the time, but I knew, and as a person with tons of AR experience, that I wasn't lagging anymore.

  • To note, my hunger/thirst was completely fine. No landmines, no bandits/agressive players. I am very alert of my hunger/thirst, and it's near impossible for a person like me to die a miserable death like that.

Seeing a freshie splat

My experience with seeing a random freshie was that I was about to sneak up on him with a PPSh-41, but apparently, he just spontaneously combusted. I checked his inventory, and he did have beans and pepsi, along with a good set of stuff. There's no possiblity for him to not know how the AR inventory system works.

  • To note, when I looted him, no bandit was there to snipe me down. It's impossible for there to be an agressive player nearby.

My cousin's experience

My experience with my cousin is when he chopped a glass window off a second floor of a two-story house and just - well, died. He states that there were no gunshots, no hunger, no thirst, pretty much everything was fine.

"oh awwyiss you're just lagging"

Hell naw. Everything was fine. I know when my internet is bad, and at the time it happened to me and my cousin, the internet was average - enough to know if there was a damn bandit behind you going for shoorprise battsecks.

Any ideas?

If you do have any ideas, please reply. I'd like to know about this sorcery.

(I'm not showing off in any way, though. I just want to say that everything was going fine and I'm sure about it.)