.45 ACP
The M1911, a semi-automatic pistol that uses the .45 ACP round.
Ammo Type Pistol
Damage Rating 7.62x39mm > .45 ACP, 7.62x25mm, 6.5x50 > 5.56x45mm
Bodyshots Required to Kill 6(7 with painkillers)
Limbshots Required to Kill 7(8 with painkillers)
Headshots Required to Kill 3(4 with painkillers)
Magazines Used In 6 Round Model 625 Magazine, 7 Round M1911 Magazine, 12 Round USP .45 Magazine, 30 Round M3 Magazine
Weapons Used In G37, M3, M1911, MK 23, Model 625, USP .45

The .45 ACP round is a type of high powered pistol ammunition. It is used in various weapons and magazines found in Apocalypse Rising.


The .45 ACP (Colt Automatic Pistol) round was created in 1904 by famed inventor and firearm designer John Browning. It was first used in the Colt M1911 semi-automatic pistol, and it was adopted by the United States Army in 1911, along with the formentioned weapon that was developed alongside it[1]. The cartridge was so effective that it has even been used by multiple revolvers and submachine guns, such as the Thompson SMG[2] and the Model 625 revolver, the latter of which can be found in-game.


The .45 ACP round has the highest amount of damage and noise for any pistol cartridge currently found in Apocalypse Rising. It has an amazing range for a pistol cartridge, and it is able to hit targets at 80-120 studs when used in military grade pistols. It is one of the best rounds in the game, due to it's great overall performance. The main downsides to this ammunition type are its high amount of noise, and generally a low ammo capacity for the magazines it is used in.


  • In DayZ, this cartridge is a one hit kill to a zombie.
  • The .45 ACP round is the loudest caliber in the game.



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