12 Gauge
The Double Barrel Shotgun Magazine, which uses the 12 Gauge round.
Ammo Type Shotgun
Damage Rating 12 Gauge > .303 British, 20 Gauge
Bodyshots Required to Kill 4(5 with painkillers)
Limbshots Required to Kill 5(6 with painkillers)
Headshots Required to Kill 2(3 with painkillers)
Magazines Used In 2 Round Double Barrel Shotgun Magazine, 8 Round M870 Magazine
Weapons Used In Double Barrel Shotgun, M870, M1014
The 12 Gauge round is a type of high caliber shotgun ammunition. It is used in weapons such as the Double Barrel Shotgun.


Shotguns have a long history, getting their start as a blunderbuss, a simple handheld cannon used to fire a large ammount of projecticles. Still in use to this date, shotguns are a popular weapon for home defense, target shooting and hunting[1].


The 12 Gauge round is extremely effective in close quarters, and it is also a great type of round for storming bases and attacking people indoors. It is a poor choice of round for outdoor fights and fights out in a wide open area. It is also the type of ammunition that deals the highest amount of damage in the game, but it's also one of the loudest rounds in the game, if not the loudest of all of the different types of ammunition currently in the game.


  • In hardcore mode, getting hit by this round is usually an instant kill.



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