12 Round CZ-75 Magazine
The 12 round CZ-75 magazine as seen in game. Note the reflectance of the item.
Loot Type Civilian
Caliber 9×19mm
Rounds Held 12
Weapons Used In CZ-75
Rarity Common

The 12 Round CZ-75 Magazine is a 12 round magazine used in the CZ-75 pistol[1].


The standard CZ-75 magazine uses a single stack 12 round 9x19mm feed system. In the real world, the CZ-75 has many more magazine options. It can have three different calibers, which are 9×19mm, 9×21mm, and .40. It can also have magazine capacities ranging from 12 to 26 rounds.


The CZ-75 magazine looks a lot like the Makarov magazine. It has the same shape as the magazine used in the Makarov, and the same color. The difference between the two is that the CZ-75 magazine is taller than the makarov magazine, and has a higher reflectance.


  • This used to be the highest capacity civilian grade pistol magazine, until the update that added the Model 459.
  • The CZ-75 has been in Apocalypse Rising almost since the beginning.



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