17 Round M9 Magazine
The 17 round M9 magazine as seen in game.
Loot Type Military
Caliber 9x19mm
Rounds Held 17
Weapons Used In G18, M9, M93R
Rarity Very Common

The 17 Round M9 Magazine is a magazine that is used in some military grade pistols. It is the most common military grade item in Apocalypse Rising.


Military grade magazines have some defining characteristics. For one, almost all military grade magazines use the double stack storage setup. This makes the magazine have a very high ammunition capacity. The most used military grade pistol round is the 9x19mm round, used by almost all modern day militaries for various firearms, including pistols and submachine guns, and even used by certain civilian grade weapons. The magazine used in the M9 semi-automatic pistol, however, was developed from the Beretta M92 pistol, and completed in the M92-F pistol, with the designation of M9 for the United States Army[1].


The magazine used in the M9 pistol has the same shape as most other pistol magazines, being tall, rectangular, and having a small part poking out of the bottom. It has a light black color and is slanted in a forward manner to a moderate degree. It has a high reflectance, around 1.5 times that of the CZ-75 magazine. It is taller than most other magazines, such as the Makarov magazine, and is also a bit more slanted than all other magazines. There is another magazine used in this weapon with a larger magazine capacity. This magazine is even taller than the original magazine for the M9 pistol.


  • There is a 32 round variant of this magazine, which is a little bit taller than the original magazine used in the M9 pistol.



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