2 Round Double Barrel Shotgun Magazine
The 2 round double barrel shotgun magazine as seen in game.
Loot Type Civilian
Caliber 12 Gauge
Rounds Held 2
Weapons Used In Double Barrel Shotgun
Rarity Very Common

The 2 Round Double Barrel Shotgun Ammo is the magazine used in the Double Barrel Shotgun.


Break-action weapons have been around since the 19th century. Break-action weapons have moving parts which exposes the end of the barrel or barrels, which makes it possible to place the cartridges inside of the barrel. There are no magazines with these types of weapons, and the shells are usually placed in the front of the barrel[1].


The double barrel shotgun magazine has the same model as the magazines used in the M870 and Maverick 88, with a few differences. For one, there are fewer shells in the model than the ones in the Maverick 88 and M870 magazines. Also, the shells are a different color. They are green instead of the red or yellow shells used in the other two. The size of the shells are the same throughout all shotgun ammunition.


  • This magazine has the lowest capacity in the game.
  • This isn't actually a magazine in real life. The magazine is actually a series of individual cartridges, which are known as "slugs".



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