30 Round M3 Magazine
The 30 Round M3 magazine as seen in game. Notice how it looks like the 20 Round TEC-9 Magazine.
Loot Type Civilian
Caliber .45 ACP
Rounds Held 30
Weapons Used In M3
Rarity Common

The 30 Round M3 Magazine is the magazine used in the M3 Submachine Gun.


The M3 was designed in 1942 by the General Motors company. It used a 30 round .45 ACP magazine and had an effective range of 100 yards. The M3 SMG was adopted by the U.S. Army in the 1900's, along with various other allied countries[1].


The M3 magazine looks a lot like that of the TEC-9.  It is grey, long, rectangular, and somewhat shiny. It has the same color as the magazine of the TEC-9, however, the TEC-9 magazine has a higher reflectance than the magazine of the M3. Also, the M3 has a slightly longer magazine than the TEC-9.


  • There was a 9x19mm M3 submachine gun designed as well.  Only 1000 of these were ever made.
  • Due to several similarities, this magazine can be confused with the 20 Round TEC-9 Magazine.



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