The STANAG magazine, as seen in-game. It uses the 5.56x45mm round.
Ammo Type Assault Rifle,Light Machine Gun
Damage Rating .45 ACP, 6.5x50mm, 7.62x25mm > 5.56x45mm > 5.45x39mm
Bodyshots Required to Kill 6(7 with painkillers)
Limbshots Required to Kill 7(9 with painkillers)
Headshots Required to Kill 5(6 with painkillers)
Magazines Used In 30 Round M4A1 Magazine, 50 Round M4A1 Magazine, 100 Round M4A1 Magazine, 100 Round M249 Magazine
Weapons Used In G36k, M4A1, M249, SCAR-L, Patriot
The 5.56×45mm round is the ammunition used in the M4A1 assault rifle, along with the other assault rifles of the same caliber/size, and a light machine gun , the M249.


The 5.56×45mm NATO round was derived from the .223 Remmington round. It has been used as the standard assault rifle ammunition for NATO countries for a very long time[1], currently being used in the M16, M4A1, G36k, and SCAR-L rifles, among others[2]. Currently, the 5.56mm round is being used by NATO, the European Union, and various Western countries.


  • The 5.56×45mm round has the longest range of all assault rifle rounds.
  • The 5.56x45mm round comes in 30, 50, and 100 STANAG magazines.



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