7 Round M1911 Magazine
Loot Type Agricultural, Civilian, Industrial
Caliber .45 ACP
Rounds Held 7
Weapons Used In M1911
Rarity Common

The 7 Round M1911 Magazine is the magazine used in the M1911 pistol.


The M1911 was created in the 1900's by John Browning for the U.S. Army. They wanted a magazine fed semi-automatic pistol as their new standard issue side arm. When Browning presented the M1911, he made it so that the magazine could easily be inserted into the weapon without a problem. He also designed the magazine to use 7 high caliber .45 ACP rounds, which were designed specifically for the M1911. The M1911 pistol was officially retired after the Vietnam War and was replaced by the Beretta M9 pistol, but some special forces still use the M1911 today.


The M1911 magazine is greyish-white in color. Its shape is like any other pistol magazine, it is slanted in a forward direction and it is rectangular, with a small piece on the bottom. It is around the size of the makarov magazine. The M1911 magazine is a little bit more slanted than the magazine used in the Makarov. The M1911 magazine has no reflectance whatsoever.


  • The M1911 magazine is interchangable with the Model 625 magazine in DayZ.
  • Other then the Model 625 magazine (which may or may not be considered a magazine), the M1911 magazine has the lowest capacity of any secondary weapon magazine.

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