8 Round M870 Magazine
Loot Type Military
Caliber 12 Gauge
Rounds Held 8
Weapons Used In M870, M1014
Rarity Common

The 8 round M870 magazine is the magazine used in military grade shotguns.


Tubular magazines have been around for an extremely long time. They are used extensively in shotguns and pump action weapon systems. In an tubular magazine system, the ammunition is loaded into the the weapon cartridge by cartridge. Due to the appearance of the magazine in-game, it can be inferred that the in-game M1014 and M870 use this type of system, as they do in real life.


The magazine used in the M870 has the same model as the magazines used in the Double Barrel Shotgun and Maverick 88, with a few differences. Instead of having 2 shells as the Double Barrel Shotgun magazine does, or 6 shells as the Maverick 88 magazine does, the M870 magazine has 8 shells in its model. Also, the shells are a different color than the ones used in the Double Barrel Shotgun and Maverick 88 magazines.  The shells used in the model of the M870 magazine are red instead of yellow or green. Additionally, the size of the shells are the same as all of the other models.


  • In real life, the M870 has a 7 round magazine.

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