The AK-104, as seen in game.
Weapon Type Primary
Attachment Slots Suppressor, Optics, Flashlight, Grip, Laser
Caliber 7.62x39mm
Magazine Type 30 Round AK-47 Magazine, 40 Round AK-47 Magazine, 75 Round AK-47 Magazine
Fire Modes Semi-Automatic, Burst, Automatic
Fire Rate 600
Accuracy 7.5/10
Hipfire Accuracy 7.85/10
Recoil 7.0/10
Rarity Rare
Loot Area Military
The AK-104 is a military-grade rifle which can be found in Apocalypse Rising.


The AK-104 was developed in Russia in the 1990's. It was made to be a middle ground weapon between the full AK-74 assault rifle and the extremely shortened AKS-74U. Unlike the AK-74 and AKS-74U, it uses the more powerful 7.62x39mm round. The rifle was also designed with a side-folding skeletal stock, for use with paratroopers and APC crewmen.[1]


Unlike most AK derivatives, which have orange, wooden, and brown parts, the AK-104 sports a black polymer handguard, with a shape that looks strikingly similar to a variant of the AK-74 with a skeletal stock, namely the AKS-74. This is reasonable, as the AK-104. The rifle also utilizes a side-folding skeleton style stock for extra mobility, however, the stock cannot be folded in game. The rifle has sights similar to that used on the AK-74 and AK-47 assault rifles.


The AK-104 has the one of the best overall stats for any 7.62x39mm weapon in the game. It has a moderate fire rate, giving it a good amount of DPS for its class. It can take any attachment, which gives it extreme versatility for multiple types of situations. It is the second most accurate 7.62x39mm weapon when fired from the hip or when aiming down the sights. All though the rifle boasts a pretty high amount of recoil, Meaning the easiest way to kill with it is tap fire to the head.

Recommended UseEdit

The AK-104, due to its great overall stats, has multiple recommended uses. If you are using the weapon with CQC in mind, then use a laser sight with the weapon. For longer range combat, make sure that you take the forward grip. A forward grip will also reduce the recoil so much, that its aimed recoil will be controllable in fully automatic mode, and it can be used much like a LMG at close to medium range.


  • The AK-104 is actually a carbine, not an assault rifle. A carbine is a shortened rifle, which can be used more efficiently in close quarters battle.
  • The Ak-104 is not a burst rifle in real life like all the other Ak's with the exception of the AK-12.



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