Weapon Type Primary
Attachment Slots Suppressor, Optics
Caliber 5.45x39mm
Magazine Type 30 Round AK-74 Magazine, 45 Round AK-74 Magazine, 75 Round AK-74 Magazine
Fire Modes Semi-Automatic, Burst, Automatic
Fire Rate 700
Accuracy 4.0/10
Hipfire Accuracy 8.9/10
Recoil 8.0/10
Rarity Semi-Rare
Loot Area Military

The AKS-74U is a compact variant of the AK-74, chambered in the 5.45x39mm round.


The AKS-74U’s low caliber ammo makes for a low amount of damage. The weapon also suffers from a low amount of aimed accuracy and range. However, the AKS-74U has exceptional hipfire accuracy, as well as extremely low recoil. This makes it a great CQC weapon and it is able to easily deal more damage over time than some military automatics such as the SCAR-L. The AKS-74U further excells in this field by having an above average rate of fire. The AKS-74U takes optical and suppressor attachments and can use 30, 45, and 75 round magazines. Another advantage of the AKS-74U is the fact that the mags for it are common, so you can effectively use plenty during a battle. It is arguably better than the AK-74 or AN-94 strictly because of the damage per second difference.

Recommended UseEdit

The AKS-74U can be used in close quarters combat and medium range combat. Although it has a low amount of damage it makes up for it in damage per second, which is in turn higher than any 5.45x39mm assault rifle. The AKS-74U should not be used for long range combat, as it has one of the worst long range accuracies in the game.


  • The AKS-74U is a shortened version of the AK-74.
  • It has two attachment slots, one on the top for sights, and one on the barrel, to make the weapon silenced.
  • The AKS-74U is not actually considered an assault rifle, it is considered a carbine.

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