Bandit badge
Faction Enemy
Physical Features Bandit Mask, none (new bandits)
Controller Player

Bandits are hostile players who kill and/or rob other players.


The appearance of a bandit varies from player to player. As of the update on 5/26/14, a Bandit mask is given to players with over 3 kills, a red or black bandana is obtained as an accessory.  

Bandit Player

A stereotypical bandit.


A bandit is one who participates in PvP without limits, killing all types of people, heroes, players, and even other bandits. There are many types of bandits, and all of them have different playstyles. Their behavior will vary from playstyle to playstyle, so you have to be innovative when trying to fight them.

Types of BanditsEdit

There are a few different playstyles for bandits; knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each can give you the upper-hand in a fight.

Tips for FightingEdit

  • Don't let them see you. They will most likely chase you until they can catch you, and then start a firefight, where one of you must die.
  • If spotted, either hide, approach them with stealth, or go find somewhere to camp and attack them when you have the advantage.

Camping BanditsEdit

Camping bandits will set up a temporary base in a high traffic place and stay there until a player is spotted.  They will attack the player when he or she is within a reasonable range. The defining characteristic of these types of bandits is patience.

Tips for FightingEdit

  • If you get attacked by a camping bandit on his own turf, it is likely you won't survive unless you know the weak spots. You can prevent ambushes like this by scouting an area before attacking it.  Binoculars can help with this.
  • If you are going to attack, make sure you keep track of where they are and what they are doing. Knowing the battlefield can make a huge difference in a fight towards your advantage.

Stealth BanditsEdit

Stealth bandits are bandits who use stealth to their advantage. They will often move during the night and stalk players until within a very close range. They usually attack from the back when a player is not aware, and they may use silencers in order to keep quiet while shooting zombies.

Tips for FightingEdit

  • Unless if the bandit attacking you can't hit a still target from 10 studs away, if you get attacked by one of these guys, it's game over. There is nothing you can do to defend yourself, except for prevention.
  • To prevent these bandits from killing you, or even to prevent the attack altogether, you will need a good sense of awareness. You will need to scan for movement, never stop moving unless needed, maintain a low profile, and not go to high risk places unprepared.
  • If you see a stealth bandit following you, the best choices are to break line of sight with him/her and hide, or go to a place where you would have an advantage in a firefight.
  • Every 20 seconds or so, check your surroundings.

Team BanditsEdit

Team bandits are simply bandits that stick in a team. They will kill anyone who is not on their team. They usually have the same characteristics as aggressive bandits, which makes them just as easy to kill if they wander off from the team.

Tips for FightingEdit

  • Teams are difficult to fight in some situations, and easy to fight in others. Estimate the power of the team you are chasing or being followed by, then take the appropriate choice of action.
  • If it is a small team, say, two or three members, you can sneak up on them, or engage them directly, but this should ONLY be done if you are very well prepared. If you see a four or five man team, and if you are alone, the best choice of action is to avoid them entirely, no matter how bad they are or how good you are.
  • Another good strategy is to direct your fire to one of them. If you are able to take them down one by one, this will mean less guns on you, resulting in a victory.
  • Attempt to scramble them. You should come at them guns blazing (near cover of course) and get them spooked. If teams are panicked, they don't think well, resulting in dumb decisions and fights lost. When people get scrambled, the team chat usually gets spammed with locations and commands, for the team under attack is trying to take you out. A good tip is to keep moving. Multiple commands and locations will be given in the team chat, causing confusion, and allowing you to take the upper hand.

Robbing BanditsEdit

Robber bandits don't kill their victims until it's necessary. They usually hide somewhere and give commands to their target, including dropping the weapons, ammo and valuable items. If the person doesn't follow their orders, they kill him and loot his corpse.

 Tips for FightingEdit

  • Robbers usually don't tell the truth. Just because someone told you he has a huge team aiming at you with their M14's, doesn't mean he's not a loner with Makarov trying to get some easy loot.
  • Watch your surroundings and try spotting the bandit. If you'll know his location, he'll be unable to sneak up to you.
  • If you have a good gun, like the ak-47, then show you have no gun, aim your crosschairs at him (the pointer), hit the number key your gun is in, and fire at him. He will most likely die due to being blindsighted.
  • Most people don't use this strategy anymore, so you probably won't encounter this. If you do, just kill them on sight.


There are five badges which can be earned through the bandit play-style.

Bandit BadgeEdit

The Bandit Badge will be rewarded once a player reaches 5 kills, and has survived for at least 3 days.

Highwayman BadgeEdit

The Highwayman Badge will be rewarded once a player reaches 15 kills, and survives for at least 7 days.

Brigand BadgeEdit

The Brigand Badge will be rewarded once a player reaches 30 kills, and has survived for at least 14 days.

Raider BadgeEdit

The raider badge will be rewarded once a player reaches 50 kills, and survives for at least 21 days.

Marauder BadgeEdit

The Marauder Badge will be rewarded once a player reaches 75 kills, and survives for at least 30 days.


Here are some tips for playing as bandits, and some tips for fighting them.

Tips for Playing as a BanditEdit

  • Pick your fights wisely. Too many people die from choosing a fight they cannot win.
  • People will kill you on sight if you are wearing a bandit mask.
  • Try to team up with other bandits or with friends. Make sure you can trust them first.

Tips for Fighting BanditsEdit

  • Don't accept group invites without discussing it with the player who sent it first. Chances are they are a bandit looking for nearby players.
  • Never be afraid to run away from an enemy. Sometimes, it's just not worth the risk to fight.
  • Aimed shooting at close range is a horrid idea. Never do this. EVER.
  • Get to high ground. You can snipe at a bandit. However, if they see you, you may get sniped back.


  • Sometimes, a person with a bandit mask will not be a bandit. It is up to you do distinguish if they are friendly or hostile.
  • As of 5.0.0, badges are available to those with the bandit playstyle.

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