"This can of beans won't expire for months. This item restores sixty percent of your hunger and fifteen percent of your health."
— Item description
Can of Beans
Loot Type Civilian
Type of Consumable Food
Effects 60% hunger restored, 10% health restored.
Rarity Very Common

A Can of Beans is a type of food found in the game.


Canned food has been around for an extremely long time. It was desinged as a way to make food less perishable. Canned food was widely used during the first and second World Wars, both for civilians and for military personell to use as rations.


The can of beans is just a cylinder that looks like a can. It has an all around decal which has the appearance of the texture of a can. It is dark grey in color. It has multiple rings going around the can in a horizontal pattern. The can also appears to be partly rusted.


  • The can of beans was the first type of food added to the game.
  • The player spawns with the can of beans upon character creation, unless he or she has the Enhanced Spawn gamepass, which replaces it with a MRE.

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