In Game Description This compass, combined with a map, will assist you in navigating landscape.
Loot Type Agricultural, Civilian, Industrial
Purpose To find which direction(North, East, South, West) you are headed into
Size 1
Rarity Uncommon
The compass is a useful tool that tells you which direction (North, east, south, or west) you are heading.


The Compass looks like a black circle. It has a white circle on top of the black circle. There is also a red arm on the white center of the compass.

How to OperateEdit

The compass is already put on your screen when you pick it up. At the top of the screen, it shows a semi-circle with letters on it.  N, S, E & W stand for North, South, East, and West. From here, using information about the map, you can determine which way you need to go.


  • If you have good directional skills and a good knowledge of the map, you do not need a compass to find your way around.
  • You can buy the Enhanced Spawn game pass for 50 Robux (As of 2/22/14) and you will be able to spawn with a compass and other helpful items when you first spawn.
  • The compass shows which direction your camera is pointing towards, not where your character is looking at. This is especially notable when using thirdperson.
  • The compass is good for giving and following directions accurately.

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