Cooked Meat
Loot Type Animal
Type of Consumable Food
Effects 100% hunger restored, 30% health restored.
Rarity Uncommon.

Cooked Meat is made by cooking raw meat at a lit firepit. Alongside the MRE, it heals the highest amount of health in the game, aside from the Blood Bags found in Hospitals.


Cooked meat looks the same as its raw counterpart. It is a pumpkin-orangeish color (CGA Brown). It is about the size of a leg, but thinner.


In order to cook food, you will need firewood, a box of matches, and the meat itself. These are the steps to cooking the food.

  1. Open your inventory.
  2. Click on the firewood, then click on 'Make Firepit'.
  3. Close your inventory.
  4. Use your interact tool on the firepit when it says 'Cook Meat'.


  • Cooked Meat heals the exact same amount as an MRE.
  • Cooked Meat is the exact same model as raw meat, but colored differently.
  • Cooked meat is the best food ingame along with the MRE.

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