Weapon Type Melee
Attachment Slots None
Caliber None
Magazine Type None
Fire Modes Single
Fire Rate Very Low
Accuracy User Determined
Hipfire Accuracy Low, Moderately Low, Moderately High, High
Recoil None
Rarity Common
Loot Area Agricultural, Civilian, Industrial, Black Mesa, City 17
The Crowbar is a melee weapon that excels in close quarters combat.


The Crowbar has curves at both ends. One of the curves, the handle end of the crowbar, is solid. The other curved end, the attacking end, has two parallel teeth. Also, the curves are facing opposite ends of each other, one to the left, and one to the right.

Performance and Recommended UseEdit

The Crowbar is a terrible weapon for player killing, due to its extremely short range and low damage to players. However, this weapon is a great choice for keeping quiet and killing zombies, as it has a low noise and a small sound radius, and it can one kill a civilian zombie in one or two hits. Caution should be taken when engaging military zombies, as their helmet may sometimes block part of the damage. Also, when attacking zombies, always remember to attack them through the middle of their model to strike the torso. There is a trick to this, where you can keep your cursor on their head while zoomed in, for an almost guaranteed kill.

Using the crowbar to kill civilian zombies is likely to result in damage taken, so it's recommended to carry blood bags.


  • The crowbar has a faster swing speed than the hatchet, but lower damage.
  • If you want to be skilled with a Crowbar, ask Gordon Freeman to teach you how.

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