"A small frontal pack that allows you to hold up to two extra items."
— Item description
Fanny Pack
Fanny Pack
In Game Description
Found In Agricultural, Civilian, Industrial
Spaces Added 2
Available Colors 4
Rarity Common
The Fanny Pack lets you hold two extra items. It is the least useful of all the backpacks.


The fanny pack comes in 4 colors: purple, white, tan, and blue. It does not stick out much, and has 3 pouches, despite only being able to hold 2 items. It is worn on the lower front part of the torso, where the torso and legs intersect.


  • Before the 5.0.0 update that added different colored backpacks, the only color that the fanny pack came in was a light blue.
  • The fanny pack is the only pack in-game that isn't placed on the back.


  • In 4.0.0, there was a glitch where you would have an orange block behind your neck when you wore the fanny pack. This glitch was patched in 4.0.1.

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