Fire Station
Fire Station
A fire station in Kin.
Loot Types Military, Civilian
Number of Loot Piles N/A
Number of Entrances 4
Number of Windows 9
Number on Map 4

A Fire Station is a building that contains civilian and military loot.

Appearance and layoutEdit

Fire stations are moderately large buildings with a red/tan/yellow color scheme. There is a tower, and a main body for the building. The main body is a large, hollow room that can be entered through multiple doors at the front of the building, or through a backdoor behind the building. The tower is connected to the body of the building by means of a simple cutaway door.

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The tower consists of a three floor setup. There are multiple breakable windows for each floor of the building, which a player can walk through if they are inside of the tower. You can go from one floor to the next by means of triangular ramps, which take the form of stairs. There are loot spawns on the stairs.The roof of the tower is accesable through a truss from the main body.



  • By breaking the windows of the second or third floor on the tower, you can easily access the roof of the building by jumping out and climbing up.
  • Most of the time military loot spawns on the inside of the tower and at the top of the staircases, and the civilian loot spawns in the body of the building.
  • Fire Stations are able to be destroyed with C4

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