In Game Description Specify
Loot Type Military
Purpose To find the exact location of the user.
Size 1
Rarity Rare

The GPS is a global positioning system utility that must be used alongside a map to function. It pinpoints your exact location at any given time. When you open the map and have a GPS equipped, you will see a blue marker on it which pinpoints your location.


The GPS is a space based satellite system, which sends time, location, and weather information to Earth.  The GPS is partially based off of LORAN and the Decca navigator. Both of these systems were developed in the early 1940s and used during the Second World War.


  • The GPS would not work in a real apocalypse, due to the heavy reliance on satellites and the collapse of civilization.
  • You can watch your pinpointed location move if you open the map while driving a vehicle or while crouching.
  • The GPS seems to only give your coordinates, since it can't be used as a map.

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