Map Reborn, Re-Imagined, Amend, Classic
Size City
Points of Interest Fire Station(2), military tents(5), police station, hospital, clinic
Types of Loot Civilian, Industrial, Medical, Military
Vehicle Spawns Unknown
Kin is the largest city in Apocalypse Rising. Located around the center of map, Kin is inhabited by many players and zombies due to its size.


It is very easy to spot from afar, having an extremely large tower in the middle of the city, on top of the City Hall

It is northeast of the Trinity HQ, west of the Radio Station, and southeast of Pitts Park.  It is also north of the Fort Ruins, and south of the Bomb Shelter .

Hill overlooking Kin.

A Hill overlooking Kin from the southwest.


The whole city of Kin, situated between hills, is built around the Union Square, a medium sized square with a memorial statue and several military tents , surrounded by buildings and, most dangerously, a large amount of military zombies. In the various tents  both medical and military can be found, making it the most populated place in the city for both players and zombies.

Kin has a large industrial district in the southern part of the city.  There is a fire station located within this district, and the power station, used to turn the city's lights on.  In the middle portion of the city there are dozens of civilian buildings and apartments, along with Union Square.  In the northern and western portions of the city there are high amounts of low value civilian buildings.  There is a hospital and a church located in the mid-north part of the city, and another fire station in the northeastern area.  In the northwest corner of the city, there is a police station.  Scattered across the city, there are barricades which contain military and civilian loot.

Points of Interest

  • A church in the mid-north part of the city.

    Kin on the map with Icons

  • A hospital in the mid-north part of the city.
  • A fire station in the mid-south part of the city.
  • A fire station in the northeast part of the city.
  • A police station in the northwest part of the city.
  • Multiple unique buildings not found elsewhere.
  • Multiple military tents in the middle of the city.
  • A clinic on the west part of the city


  • If you are not particularly good with a melee weapon or guns be sure to carry some blood bags. If not, there are two hospitals in the city which are marked on the map.
  • You can use ladders to rooftops in order to escape zombies. They can also be used to scout out Union Square and other locations.
  • Do not try to kill zombies with a high caliber gun, as it will attract even more.
  • In the hill directly north, a bunker can be found, called the Bomb Shelter .



  • Kin is one of the best places to get the Nomad Badge, however, you shouldn't spend all of your time getting the badge in Kin, because it is very dangerous.
  • At 1:00, there is a chance that the Kin lights will go red and a Patient Zero sequence will appear.

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