The Lee-Enfield, as seen in-game.
Weapon Type Primary
Attachment Slots None
Caliber .303 British
Magazine Type 10 Round Lee-Enfield Magazine
Fire Modes Bolt-Action
Fire Rate Lowest
Accuracy 9.5/10
Hipfire Accuracy 7.1/10
Recoil 3.5/10
Rarity Semi-Rare
Loot Area Civilian

The Lee-Enfield is a civilian grade 10 round rifle.


The Lee-Enfield rifle was designed from the earlier and mechanically similar black powder Lee-Metford bolt-action rifle. The Lee-Enfield used the same .303 British rifle round as the earlier Lee-Metford rifle. The Lee-Enfield was loaded using 5 round charger clips, and had a 10 round internal magazine. The Lee-Enfield also had a smoother bolt throw than the Lee-Metford, and the M1903A1 Springfield bolt-action rifle, developed by the American arms manufacturing company Springfield Armory. This made the Lee-Enfield one of the best bolt-action service rifles ever created.

There are multiple variants of the Lee-Enfield rifle, and over 17 million rifles have been produced in total. The first rifle variant created was the magazine Lee-Enfield rifle, in 1895, which served up untill 1925. The next variants were the short magazine Lee-Enfield rifle Mk's I, II, III, and IV, and V, and the Rifle No. 1 and Rifle No. 4, the latter of which still serves the British Army today. Also, the Lee-Enfield is used not only by the United Kingdom, but by other nations such as Canada and Afghanistan.


The Lee-Enfield is a very long rifle, which would be around the size of a player if stood upright. It has an internal magazine to the front of the trigger group of the rifle, which is below the reciever of the rifle, and the bolt of the rifle. The rifle is brown, and wooden, on most of the body of the weapon, including the stock. The stock of the weapon is placed lower than most of the parts of the rifle, and is the same color as the body of the weapon. Also, the reciever above the magazine is black and metallic, along with the bolt.


The Lee-Enfield uses the .303 British round, a very powerful type of rifle ammunition. It has the highest damage for any rifle round in the game. It is fed from a 10 round magazine, and is effective at ranges of up to 300 studs, and sometimes even more. The lee-enfield is a very accurate rifle as well, being able to hit targets at pinpoint accuracy when using the sights of the weapon. The Lee-Enfield suffers from significant recoil, however. It also has a very low rate of fire, due to it being a bolt-action rifle.

Recommended UseEdit

The Lee-Enfield is one of the best civilian rifles, especially after the gun rebalance update. It is extremely effective at long range distances, and the iron sights are good enough to make the weapon, since it can't hold any attachments.

The Lee-Enfield is also a good weapon for the defense of bases. The rifle can be fired at targets from long ranges, making it easier to fend off invaders. It also has a high magazine capacity, making reloads for the weapon less frequent. The high caliber of the ammunition fired is also a plus.


  • The Lee-Enfield is the only weapon that uses the .303 British round that is currently found in Apocalypse Rising.
  • In Real Life, the Bolt-Action mechanism can be quicker to operate than most other weapons of its type, such as the Mosin-Nagant. Nonetheless, any bolt-action is slow to operate compared to the SKS, the Federov, and the Garand.


  • There is an unpatched bug where if picked up and placed down or stored, the rifle may stick upright, and half of it will bury itself into the ground.

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