Loot are the items you find while exploring the world.

Civillian Loot

High grade civilian loot.

Millitary Loot

Millitary Loot


Loot is leftover supplies found in the game.  Loot can be found in houses, tents, bunkers, and other buildings.  Loot is the most important aspect of the game, and is essential for survival. The most important loot for survival is Food and Drink, even though weapons will help you navigate the map without dying, and building materials will help you create bases. Some loot can be very rare, you must be extra careful when holding valoof

uables, bandits and other players would kill for anything that they think will help them.

Tiers of LootEdit

There are many tiers of loot. These are the types of loot found in the game.

Agricultural LootEdit

Agricultural loot is a type of loot found in areas such as barns.

Civilian LootEdit

Civilian loot is found in towns and cities.

Industrial LootEdit

Industrial loot is found in buildings such as warehouses.

Military LootEdit

Military loot is high grade loot found in military areas.


  • Almost all buildings spawn loot, so these are good places to start looking for it.
  • It is unwise to stay in valuable loot spawns for extended periods because they attract players.

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