"The Makarov pistol is a lightweight pistol effective at close range. Uses a 9 x 18mm round with an eight-round magazine."
— Item Description
The Makarov pistol, as seen in-game.
Weapon Type Secondary
Attachment Slots Suppressor
Caliber 9x18mm
Magazine Type 8 Round Makarov Magazine
Fire Modes Semi-Automatic
Fire Rate Semi-Automatic only
Accuracy 1.0/10
Hipfire Accuracy 7.5/10
Recoil 7.5/10
Rarity Extremely Common
Loot Area Civilian

Makarov is a civilian semi-automatic pistol that you spawn with when you join for the first time or if you die and respawn. The Makarov has changed much over the course of the game, both in apearance and scripting. It is one of the most iconic weapons of Apocalypse Rising, and among the first that were added.


The Makarov pistol has a black metal case with a wooden handle. It is a decent weapon against regular zombies, but may require several shots to kill a military zombie. The ammo is extremely common. However, it has a modest 8 magazine capacity, which is low for a pistol. The damage is one of the lowest in the game, making it ineffective against other players. There are better civilian and military pistols, so it is suggested to switch to a better pistol as soon as possible.


The Makarov Pistol or PM is a Russian semi-automatic pistol. Under the project leadership of Nikolay Fyodorovich Makarov, it became the Soviet Union's standard military and police side arm from 1951 to 1991.[1]


  • This pistol was actually the Soviet Union's standard issue sidearms for the police and military from 1951 to 1991, not an extremely common pistol found in the United States.



Pros Edit

  • This gun has common ammo
  • Decent ammo storage (8 Rounds)
  • Can use suppressor
  • Great for killing zombies

Cons Edit

  • Low damage
  • Easily beaten by some other handguns
  • Cannot take underbarrel or optics
  • Not good for range

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