"This map displays the entire region. By using the many road signs, it is possible to pinpoint your location and effictively navigate."
— Item description
A map found in Apocalypse Rising.
In Game Description
Loot Type Civilian
Purpose To pull up a full-sized, fully labeled map.
Size 1
Rarity Common
 The Map is an extremely important tool that you can commonly find almost anywhere. It gives you a picture of the game's map when you open it, and can help you while you're exploring and planning routes. You can also buy the Basic Navigation option for one credit to spawn with a Map and other utilities when you spawn. The Advanced Navigation option costs three credits but spawns you die 



  • Cities - Written in large bold letters.
  • Towns - Written in small, bold letters.
  • Landmarks - Small text in italics.



  • You can open the map with the default hotkey 'M'.
  • You spawn with this if you select "Basic Navigation" or "Advanced Navigation" in the spawn screen
  • Maps can be used while in vehicles by using the keybind.
  • If you have the old Enhanced Spawn gamepass "Basic Navigation" is free and you can spawn with a map whenever you wish.

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