Maverick 88
The Maverick 88, as seen in-game.
Weapon Type Primary
Attachment Slots None
Caliber 20 Gauge
Magazine Type 6 Round Maverick 88 Magazine
Fire Modes Pump-Action
Fire Rate Pump-Action only
Accuracy 3.5/10
Hipfire Accuracy 8.55/10
Recoil 2.0/10
Rarity Uncommon
Loot Area Civilian

The Maverick 88 is a civilian-grade pump action shotgun, taking 20 gauge buckshot.

Recommended Use Edit

The Maverick 88 is recommended to be used as a weapon for breaching/clearing rooms, although it will be outmatched by most other automatic and even semi automatic weapon if the user does not get enough pellets on the target, as the damage is fairly low for a shotgun. This shotgun should not be used at long/medium ranges, as it is fairly inaccurate.

Performance Edit

The Maverick 88 is one of the least desired guns in Apocalypse Rising, based on stats. It has a low fire rate, damage, and overall accuracy, contrary to most shotguns in real life. You will be outmatched by most other guns at close range (where this gun is most effective), even by handguns such as the Makarov.