Military Pack
[[File: four different colored Military Packs: Black, Green, Gray and Grime.]]
The four different colored Military Packs: Black, Green, Gray and Grime.
In Game Description A military-grade backpack that allows you to hold up to eight extra items.
Found In Military
Spaces Added 8
Available Colors Black, Dark Green, Gray, Olive Green
Rarity Uncommon

The military pack is a 20-slot backpack in the game. It is the only backpack found exclusively in military loot piles. It adds 8 extra backpack spaces to the inventory.

Being the top of its class it makes whoever is wearing it a target for bandits, as it may be considered a sign that the player has a military weapon.


The Military Pack comes in 4 colours currently: Black, Green, Grey and Grime. It has many pouches and a cylindrical pouch in the middle of it. It is very large, making it visible when worn, even from a distance. Despite being large and clunky looking and very visible to players, this does not contribute to visibility to zombies.


  • Before the update that added different colored backpacks, the only color the military pack came in was Grime.
  • The military pack is the only type of backpack that has a black version. The black military pack is preferred by many players due to its ability to blend in during the nighttime, or just as a trophy.
  • Before the backpack update, this was the only bag in game.
  • Military packs spawn in Military spawns, such as heli crashes and military tents. 

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