Patient Zero
Paitent Zero
Faction Enemy
Physical Features Black, tall, slender, four tentacles coming out of his back.
Controller NPC

Patient Zero Is a tentacled monster who was made by Trinity Corporation

Patient Zero was a subject Trinity Corporation was working on. As the game suggests, the experiments went wrong, and the containment of the virus failed and quickly spread as a result.

NOTE: Not to be confused with Subject 3


Patient Zero is a tall, slender, player shaped character. He has a taller body than the body of survivors or zombies. He has four strange tentacles coming out of his back, which are all symetrical. All of his body except for his head has the glue texture. His head has a plastic texture, and his entire body is black. It can be said that Subject 3 slightly resembles Slenderman in behavior, a mythical creature from Canadian folk tales.


Patient Zero has multiple abilities made possible by his mutations. His mutations give him transporation abilities of great measure, which allow him to move much faster than any zombie, and allow him to teleport.  He is possibly invincible to conventional ammunition, and he has a very high detection radius. He can also attack the player to one percent health and teleport him/her to Kin hospital.

Encountering Patient ZeroEdit

There is a small random chance of the Patient ZERO event happening to you. You will hear strange whispers and voices, screaming and the sound of your heart beating is also noticable. The closer you get to Patient Zero, the louder the sounds, and the more your screen will shake. Once you get too close, Patient Zero will move toward you at incredible speed, followed by a black screen. You will then be teleported to the hospital in Kin, or killed, depending on your health. Shooting and successfully hitting Patient Zero will cause Subject 3 to appear near you and deal a small amount of damage to you. You will be the only person to see him, as he's client side. This only applies to Reimagined and Reborn. In Amend, which is not fully updated, Patient Zero will attack you with red glowing eyes, and has been known to fling players instead of teleporting you to the hospital, as there is no Kin.

A Patient Zero related event can occur in Union Square. The lights will turn red, and dark figures will appear near you hurting you for the split second that they are present. This event only lasts for about a minute and does not result in a direct attack from Patient Zero.


  • Patient Zero is clientside. This means only the person who is being chased by Patient Zero will be able to see him.
  • If you're sitting in a car and he tries to teleport you, you'll be kicked from the game, Reason unknown.
  • Doesn't matter if you have low health, Patient Zero doesn't kill you.
  • On the Amend map, the television in the forest bunker will turn red if he spawns.

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