TEC-9 side
The TEC-9, as seen in-game.
Weapon Type Secondary
Attachment Slots Suppressor
Caliber 9x19mm
Magazine Type 20 Round TEC-9 Magazine, 32 Round TEC-9 Magazine
Fire Modes Semi-Automatic, Automatic
Fire Rate 750
Accuracy 1.5/10
Hipfire Accuracy 7.3/10
Recoil 7.5/10
Rarity Somewhat Common
Loot Area Military
The TEC-9 is an automatic pistol that takes 9×19mm magazines.


The TEC-9 is dark grey in color. It uses a shiny grey stick magazine when in use. When it is on the ground, it has no magazine in it. The magazine is lighter than the rest of the body and has a slight level of reflectance.


The TEC-9 is considered one the worst automatic pistols, taken into consideration. It has the low damage proper of the 9x19mm pistol cartridge, and it also has the second worst aimed accuracy, slightly above Makarov. One of the main downsides of the TEC-9 is that it is unable to take attachments other than a suppressor. Switching to an UZI or CBJ-MS would fix that downside and significantly increase aimed accuracy, but the two machine pistols fire slightly slower and CBJ-MS has worse hipfire, so they're worse at close range.


  • In real life, the TEC-9 is semi-automatic, and must be illegally converted in order to be automatic.
  • The TEC-9 was added in the very first version of Apocalypse Rising.
  • This weapon, due to how common it used to be, and how easy it initially was to convert into Automatic, made it popular with Criminals during the '80s and '90s, often being the subject of Gangsta Rap during its time.