A watch.
Slot Utiity
Inv. spaces 1
The Watch is a tool that can tell you the current time.


The watch looks like a regular watch. It has brown wriststraps, which are located on either side of the middle of the watch. It has a glass circle in the middle, and a knob on its side. On the player's screen, it can be seen in the lower left corner. It tells the time according to military standards.


The watch is an excellent tool for people planning long distance travel. They can camp out at a spot then leave at the exact time that they want to. This is often used for telling how much time is left until the sun rises. It can also be used to calculate in-game time between loot spawns.


  • The watch was one of the first tools introduced to the game.
  • People that do not have watches sometimes ask for the time in global chat.