Faction Enemy, Zombie
Physical Features Different facial decal, growling sounds, helmet and camouflage(Military Zombies), arms pointed away from body.
Controller NPC
Zombies are the common enemies that are found in the Apocalypse Rising world.


Zombies are the main antagonists of Apocalypse Rising. Due to the experimentation by Trinity Corp, an outbreak of an unknown virus swept across the world. The first zombie was Patient Zero, who appears in the game.


Zombies have a different face than the player characters, with blood dripping from the mouth. They also have torn clothing, and a peculiar colored skin. They make grunts and growls when alerted, and also sometimes when a player is close. Some of the zombies can spawn with helmets and camouflage (Military Zombies) or a police jacket (Police Zombies).

Types of ZombiesEdit

There are a few types of zombies found in the game.

Civilian ZombiesEdit

Regular zombies with normal attributes. The easiest to kill of them all. Can go down with 2-4 hits in the body with almost any weapon, and are instantly killed by a headshot.


An uncommon variant of zombie which crawls on the floor instead of rushing up to the Player, a lot less dangerous than their normal counterparts and can come in all of the types of zombies. Seem to take two head shots from some low caliber bullets.

Military ZombiesEdit

Zombies from the military with better attributes. They can sometimes spawn with helmets. A helmbies

Zombies found around police stations will sometimes spawn with police jackets. They appear to walk as fast as military zombies, but also appear to have the same health as civilian zombies.

Patient ZeroEdit

Not much is known, except that Patient Zero was the first and original infected in the game and is fast, has high damage and health, and is able to teleport. He is completely black with tentacles coming out of his back. It's a known fact that Patient Zero was created by the Trinity Corporation, possibly in attempt to create a bioweapon or some sort of super soldier. If you merely touched by Patient Zero you will get teleported to Kin Hospital with one health remaining. The blood writing on the walls and containers in the map are written by Patient Zero.

Strategies for fightingEdit

Zombies are generally easy to kill. It is recommended to always maintain your distance, especially in hardcore mode. If a zombie gets too close, it'd be wise to hit the zombie anywhere, instead of taking your time to aim for the head. 

The best way to dispose of zombies is using melee, though this can be complicated when facing a hoard.

You can also use the fact that zombies cannot jump to your advantage. If pursued by a lot of zombies you can jump through windows, over barricades and on houses in hope of losing them.


  • There are 2 more types of zombies in DayZ, ones that crawl, and ones that hop.

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